A Day in The Life… Follow me Around!

I love to read these blog posts, so I figured I would do one! This was my day on June 11th.

8:00ish – I woke up! My room was a mess and so I worked on cleaning it up a bit. It felt nice to go through some old school stuff and out everything away.IMG_20150611_095511

9:00-9:45 – Make and eat breakfast. I had oatmeal (my favorite! I cook it using tea instead of water. On top, I mixed in some cinnamon and vanilla extract), strawberries, soy milk, and two Quorn sasuages. While I ate, I read a book that I picked up from the library. I love memoirs and David is hilarious!

9:45-10:45 – I went on the computer and typed up my blog post that I wrote yesterday on journalling. I’ve gotten some excellent feedback from that post-thank you for reading it!

10:45-120150611_1056011:30 – After I let my food rest, I through on my law mowing attire. I know, I look ridiculous. I hate the way that mowing makes my hair smell, so I wear a shower cap! I don’t like to wash my hair everyday, so this lets me keep it smelling all nice and clean (:

*Note: Feel free to screenshot this picture and look at it for a nice laugh whenever you are feeling down. It is very hilarious. I think my neighbors are very lucky to have this kind of free entertainment.

11:30-12:00 I ate my morning snack outside by our pond and read some more of my book! I had some bread with butter and carrots.

12:00-1:00 I got ready for my day, then filmed a few YouTube videos for my channel!

1:00-1:30 I made and ate lunch! IMG_20150611_135537I made a cheese quesadilla with salsa on the inside, and had it with some raspberries and a soy burger. I had to eat a little faster than normal because I was meeting a friend and my videos took a little bit longer than expected.

2:00-5:00-I hung out with my friend Nicole! I didn’t get any pictures of the two of us together because I thought that might be creepy. We’re newer friends so I didn’t want to scare her yet haha (:

We went shopping, had some iced tea at Starbucks and I had a candy bar! I haven’t had a candy bar in years. Nicole bought me it though, so I couldn’t say no. It was definitely hard but I did it! I tried the Nestle Aero chocolate. I had heard great 20150611_170923things about them before, and I have to admit, I was impressed!

I did get a picture in the Victoria’s Secret changing room because I thought their mirrors were funny. Strip? Yes, please. Don’t mind if I do.

Shopping can cause me a lot of anxiety and I feel guilty buying things for myself. But my mom kept nagging me to buy some new clothes, so I did! If you want to see what I got, head over to my YouTube channel where I filmed a haul.

20150611_1750165:00-6:30– It started to rain, so we went back to our cars. Before I drove home, I sat in my car and had some Snip Chips! These are pretty expensive and aren’t sold many places, but I seriously love them. They are super delicious! Nutritionally, I love the fact that they are high in fats. I have a hard time getting in fats when I am on the go all day, and sometimes I get sick of having so much pb. Plus they sit nicely in the car!

After I got home, I filmed my haul video. Then I cleaned up my stuff from filming and talked to my mom a bit before dinner.

6:30-7:45– We eat dinner together as a family at 6:30. I had some leftover shrimp with orzo, cherry tomatoes, and romano cheese along with a salad. It was super good! After we eat, we like to play games. We did Scrabble last night. Of course you can probably guess who won (; I’m a Scrabble nerd!!! Although I have to admit that Apples to Apples is my favorite game.

7:45-8:30- I working on editing a couple of videos and responded to some comments on my blog.

8:30-8:45– I had my nighttime snack! I had a cup of vanilla 2% yogurt with a fiber one brownie. I’m trying to eat up some of the stuff in my pantry that’s been sitting there for a while!

8:45-9:00- I got ready for bed and then said goodnight (: Yes, I do sleep a lot!

So that was my day! I kept myself pretty busy, which always seems to help my anxiety and my mood.

What did you do yesterday/today? Do you enjoy these kinds of posts?


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