Some Helpful YouTubers

Considering that I have made YouTube videos for over 3 years, I watch a lot of different YouTubers. I’m not really into “funny” videos or “viral” videos though. I prefer girly fashion, DIY, beauty channels, vlog channels, and over the past year, mental health/recovery channels. I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite YouTube channels that have really helped and inspired me in my recovery! I also through in some other channels that are non-ED/mental health related because I am more than my illnesses (: And you are too!

Laura LeJeune

I recently got recommended to see this channel on Instagram, and I have been loving watching her videos! She has a very sweet and funny personality. I appreciate her insightful videos, and she has a personality that I really appreciate. She is super helpful and non-triggering, plus she talks about a variety of other mental health related topics, not just eating disorders.

Emily Norley

I have really enjoyed seeing Emily’s transition! The only thing is that she has a lot of videos on IIFYM/bodybuilding which can trigger me, so I try to stay away from those videos (: But her ED and self harm recovery videos are very helpful! I especially enjoy her MM videos.


Hannah has been an absolutely favorite of mine for a while now! I feel like she is extremely relate-able for me, because of her age and her past struggles. She has sooo many videos that have helped calm me down. Her self harm videos have especially helped me. She talks about EDs and other mental illnesses as well, which can be helpful to myself and others too (I assume). She tries to remain positive and talks about her past struggles in a non-triggering manner which I appreciate.


I love Lauren! She is no longer making videos, but she has some very helpful ones up on her channel regarding ED recovery. She is a little older and is the founder of the Libero Network, which supports mental health and eating disorder recovery. Her professional attitude and advice really helps calm me down (: She seems like she is very far along in her recovery journey which brings me a lot of hope!

Robyn Coale

Robyn is a blogger who started making YouTube videos later on. Some of her most helpful videos (for me) are her q&as. She also clears up topics that many people, especially with EDs, wonder about when it comes to food including GMOs and juice cleanses.

Kati Morton

HOW COULD I NOT INCLUDE THIS ANGEL??? Katie is a licensed therapist and has SO many videos on all sorts of mental illnesses. I have been watching her videos for a very long time and her compassion and professional attitude really helps me. She is such a helpful person and I would recommend her channel to all of you. It is extremely non-triggering.


Polina also has a beauty/fashion YouTube channel, but recently I have been really into her vlogs! She is a really fun, outgoing person and I love to see what goes on in her busy life! (: Her vlog video quality is amazing and she has lots of fun clips. This is obviously non-ed/mental health related!

Ingrid Nilson

Ingrid is a total sweetheart! She is a bit older than me, so I really look up to her. She is a very popular YouTuber, and I normally don’t like the super famous YouTubers as much as the more medium-sized channels, but I really enjoy her and her videos. She is very down to earth and has a channel with lots of fun videos! I met Ingrid in real life at IMATs and she is just as kind in person (:


Olena has a really natural beauty that I love! Her makeup tutorials are things that I would actually wear, and she is AMAZING at what she does! My favorite videos of hers are her makeup tutorials. She also has some great advice for middle school/high school/college because she is just a few years older than me. Olena has a vlog channel that I love as well! Her vlogs are nice and long, so it’s a good activity to do while I am having a snack (:

*Note: I could have added WAY more accounts, this is just a handful!*

Do you follow any ED recovery accounts on YouTube? Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?


10 thoughts on “Some Helpful YouTubers

  1. Thank you so much for this post!! I’ve been wanting to start watching you tube again and wasn’t sure who to watch. Now I’m totally informed! Thanks love 🙂 xoxo


  2. This is wonderful! I have watched a lot of youtube videos, mostly fashion or nutritional videos. But I have never even thought about looking for mental health or recovery channels. I will definitely be watching more of these videos. Thank you! Sending my love,



    1. Yes! I didn’t look into any until a few months ago. They are insanely helpful! Let me know if you end out checking any of them out, I would love to hear your opinion on them!


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