Regrow Your Hair After ED

I experienced really severe hair loss when I was weight restoring from my eating disorder. Surprisingly enough, in the depths of my ed, hairloss was never a problem. It wasn’t until about 4 months after I began refeeding until my hair became something that I was insanely self conscious of. Most doctors told me that your hair is about 3 months behind the rest of your body. This means that if you severely restrict in October, you probably won’t notice the hair falling out until January.

This is my bag of hair that I used to collect. I was afraid that I would run out of hair, so I kept it in a bag with me.

Even months after being weight restored, my hair loss was becoming even more of an issue. People were commenting on it at school and at home and even just in public. Talk about embarrassing! My dermatologist offered to help me, and she recommended some great products.

At first, she recommended that I use the men’s rogaine because it is stronger than the women’s formula. I used it twice a day for about 3 months, then I switched down to the women’s for another three. After that point my hair loss was getting a lot better and baby hairs were growing in, so I stopped.

She also prescribed me a shampoo. Now obviously, you can’t get this over the counter, but I would highly recommend that if you are experiencing major hair loss problems several months after weight restoration without any improvements, look around and see if there is a specialist or doctor willing to help you! You have enough on your plate right now (lol, pun not intended) with body image, you do not need another thing to be self conscious about. I also have a few other tips that I learned on this insanely long journey of hair loss problems…

  • Wear your hair in a bun. This helped keep the hair from going everywhere when it did fall out, and it made the hair loss a lot less noticeable. Try not to tie it up super tightly or tug at it too much because that will only make more fall out!
  • Take biotin & vitamin d. My dermatologist told me to take these vitamins because they can help with creating healthy hair. I’m not quite sure how well they worked, but it’s definitely worth a shot. Plus my dietician already had me on vitamin d because I was deficient, so hey, double whammy!
  • Don’t stop washing your hair. I know that a LOT of online websites and magazines say you should wash your hair as little as possible. But my dermatologist told me that it doesn’t really affect your hair loss/growth. I had to count how many hairs I lost in my hair brush every day (took a longg time lol) and I know from personal experience that it really doesn’t matter. Just wash it the same amount that you normally would.
  • Play up your other features! If you’re self conscious about your hair, have fun with other beauty products! You don’t have to, but if you enjoy doing little girly acts of self care, then go ahead and do them! Pick out some fun new earrings. Try a new makeup look. Get some cute sunglasses! As uncomfortable as you may feel about your hair, I promise that you do not look as ugly as you think you do.
  • Remember:your hair will grow back. Just keep up your intake and take care of your body. It is busy working on other things right now, but it will get to your hair eventually.

Did you have hair loss problems in recovery or during your ED? I’d love to hear some tips you have!


7 thoughts on “Regrow Your Hair After ED

  1. I did have hair loss problems-during both recovery and ED! Once I started to increase my fat intake I noticed that helped my hair to grow back and become thicker again. I also noticed that in time and when I became healthier my hair slowly but surely started to grow back. It’s all a big process I guess! But enhancing other features like you said helped a lot too! 🙂 xoxo hope you’re enjoying your trip!


  2. I am experiencing hair loss problems at the moment. It comes and goes depending on where I am in recovery or relapse. This was a really interesting post to read. Thank you for sharing! X


  3. I feel soooo dumb at the moment. I’ve been losing hair lately. Everyone said, “oh it’s because your hair is long.” So I cut it off (like two days ago). It NEVER occurred to me that this could be because I have an ED because I’ve yet to admit I have an ED. I’m speculating, as I blogged about. This was eye opening. Thank you.


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