NSLC Georgia Update

This week has been very different. It started out super fun, but I am kind of running out of patience. I am an introvert, so I get my energy and “recharge” when I am alone. Music really gives me a headache and everyone is just. So. Loud.


imageThe first few days were great though, as I said. The people here are very nice, and while I may not get along with all of them, I do not feel like they have any bad intentions. But my anxiety and social phobia have definitely been triggered. I feel bad because I feel like I have been in a bad mood and I don’t want people to take it personally.


Not going to lie, I did not make in all of my exchanges at the beginning of the trip. I feel even more guilty now that I have been hitting a higher number of calories. The people, girls especially, have been very triggering. I don’t need to go into specifics. Just as I’m writing this the girls next to me are talking about fucking anorexia. Like please. Shut up.image

They’re talking about how they know someone who has anorexia. Obviously they don’t even think twice about it because I’m a healthy weight and eat more than all of them. And I’m not kidding about me eating more than them. They have been eating nothing. Nothing.

But I’m eating now. So my parents can be quiet and won’t kill me when I get home. I’ve been eating the same meal over and over and over again. Hummus (or pb) on Nature’s Own wheat bread, a cup of cherry tomatoes, and rice chex with chocolate soy milk. Yeah. No wonder they don’t even think twice about talking about anorexia in front of me.

I haven’t exercised since Wednesday. We don’t  get much time for breaks, but I try to walk around whenever I have free time. Which there is VERY little of.

image  image

This is my first time visiting Atlanta and it is a very gorgeous city! I wish that I could go out and explore more of it, but I am with this group so I can’t exactly wonder off and do whatever I want to do. Today we went and saw Emory Medical School (above left). It was insanely nice. Even though I could never get in haha.


4 thoughts on “NSLC Georgia Update

  1. It’s hard to be in that kind of situation. But if you try to stick to your meal plan it will save you in the long run! Don’t worry about those girls…they have NO idea and are clueless. Just try to do what you need to do and don’t worry about what other people (obviously with some problems of their own) might think. Keep focused on recovery girl-traveling can be difficult but I know you can do it. You are strong, beautiful, smart and caring. Don’t let Ana creep up on you! xx


    1. thank you bella💜 I guess they probably are just not the most knowledgeable about eds. I just feel so mentally drained and triggered but I don’t know who to talk to or what to do or what I want to do


      1. Well you can always talk to me:). I know how hard going away can be with an Ed and how easily you can get triggered. One of my big motivators is always “if I come back and have lost weight no one, probably including me too, will be happy.” Just keep trying. That’s all you can do. And know that you aren’t alone. I’m rooting for you and supporting you all the way love 😊


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