Self Love Saturday

It is not selfish of you to love yourself. It is not a waste of time to relax. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to just simply do nothing. Self love activities can help calm anxiety, keep negative thoughts at bay, take care of yourself, increase your self-image, and even more. A lot of people in recovery use self love activities because of these reasons. But the truth is that EVERYONE does these things! In our EDs we tend to stop taking care of ourselves and it’s time we relearn how to love ourselves. Here are some of my favorite self-love activities! Remember, they are different for EVERYONE.


  • Meditation (guided meditations on YouTube can be really helpful if you don’t like to just sit and do “nothing”!)
  • Reading books (memoirs are my favorite)
  • Doing sodoku puzzles
  • Watching TV (working on this because I enjoy it, but my ED tells me it’s too “lazy” of an activity. But I’ve gotten a lot better and can enjoy full movies now!)
  • Doing my nails (sometimes I’ll go to a salon for an extra treat)
  • Getting a massage (I always request these instead of holiday/birthday presents!)
  • Taking a bubble bath
  • Playing games with my family

I’m sitting at the airport writing this because the shuttle dropped me off 4 hours before my flight was scheduled to leave!

What are some of your favorite self-love activities?


10 thoughts on “Self Love Saturday

  1. I totally agree! It is such a vital important part of recovery to believe that we deserve care and love. More importantly, we can’t truly help anyone else unless we first learn to help ourselves. The activities you listed also help us connect to the lighter, more relaxed, and overall happier parts of ourselves! Love this 🙂


    1. thank you so much for reading! yes, I know so many people in recovery who just want to go out and help everyone on the planet. and it’s not a bad thing, but we do need to remember that we need to take care of ourselves too!


  2. I’m totally with you – getting my nails done makes me feel beautiful and a massage is a perfect way to relax! I also like taking some time to read : )


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