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I see a lot of people doing these posts, and I wanted to do one to share some of my favorite findings with you all!


Daily Polina – I’ve been in love with Polina’s vlogs! I’ve been a viewer of hers for a few years now. I got out of the habit of watching YouTube videos toward the end of the school year because I was busy, but I’ve been really enjoying her videos again! She uploads vlogs basically daily and has just moved so I’ve been enjoying seeing her set up her new life. I love vlog channels because it’s basically real life reality tv!

Something I Want You to Know (Coming Out) by Ingrid Nilson – I’ve been watching Ingrid’s channel for a few years as well. I was actually really surprised to see this video, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and am so proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone. While I was in Atlanta, marriage was legalized for everyone regarding their sexuality. This video was super touching and I am so proud of Ingrid!

Outfits of the Week by AlyssaJaynex – I filmed a collab video with Alyssa and have been loving her channel! She is an Australian YouTuber and I loved watching the OOTW that she put up. It was fun to see especially because it is winter for her and summer for me, so we definitely had a nice variety between our outfits!

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Why Not To Obsess with Healthy Eating in Recovery – I love Emmy’s blog and would highly recommend it to anyone! She is an amazing writer and I enjoy every post written by her. I see a lot of people trying to recover while relying solely on high-fiber, high-water, high-volume, low-calorie foods. I love Emmy’s mindset and this definitely gave me some peace of mind.

Earning Your Food? – Alyssa is another one of my favorite bloggers! This post is about the Instagram phenomenon of “bragging” and comparing post-workout meals and workouts in general. I try to limit talking about working out and exercising as much as possible because I know that it triggers the competitive and comparing part of my ED and I do not see why my physical activity matters to anyone else. Definitely check out Alyssa’s blog and give her some love!

Rebounding from A Relapse – Valerie has an amazing YouTube channel (just a note: some videos can be a little triggering for me, so watch with caution!). I loved the advice that she gave in this video regarding how to step back into the swing of recovery after struggling a bit more. While I was in Atlanta, I admit I restricted at least a little bit everyday. But since I have gotten home, I have been extremely motivated to commit to recovery and my health.

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Spotify- Indie Chill Covers – I absolutely love this playlist on Spotify! I find indie music to be very relaxing and I love these covers. They are super unique and have introduced me to some new artists that I’ve been loving! I love connecting my phone to my car and listening to this playlist while I’m driving.

Can You Identify The Disney Movie from a Single Line Drawing? – My family is Disney crazy. I swear over half of our family vacations are to Disney World! I got 9/15 correct. Some of these were really hard! I haven’t seen all of the newer movies. How many did you get correct?

37 DIY Ideas for Teenage Girl’s Bedroom Decor – I have been in a DIY mood recently and I want to do some projects to spice up my room. This article had a lot of great ideas! I haven’t done any yet, but I am still deciding because there’s not really anything that I actually need for my room haha.

What have you been loving recently? Do you like these kind of posts?


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