What I Ate Wednesday – Done MY Way


Hey everyone! I wanted to do a What I Ate Wednesday post. But mine is going to be a little bit different than the other WIAWs that you see. I find myself looking at these posts and comparing my intake to the intake of the other person. In order to help prevent comparisons, I am going to include some pictures of what I ate throughout this week! So note that these snacks/meals are not from one day (: But all within the past few!

20150630_182405My mom had to go on a last minute trip, so my dad was in charge of cooking! I can’t remember him ever making lunch/dinner for us, but I was SUPER surprised by how well he did (the kitchen was a mess after). I picked up the foods from the store while he was at work, but he made the meal plan and cooked it all himself. We had pasta, grilled veggies, and some grilled sausages!


We have two small gardens at our house. Most of the plants haven’t started producing ripe fruits/veggies yet, but I’ve been loving the fresh herbs! A recent favorite was when I had some white rice with salsa and some fresh cilantro from my garden. Very simple, but it was such a delicious snack!


My dad and I went out to Ben and Jerry’s one night. I was still really full from dinner, but I was so proud of myself for accepting his offer to get ice cream! I got Hazed and Confused. Which wasn’t my favorite flavor ever, but it was still insanely delicious! I was proud because I normally look up the calories of everything before I go out, but I resisted the urge to and I didn’t order a more “plain” flavor like vanilla just because it (probably) would have had less calories.20150629_153840

My mom makes some KILLER quesadillas. They have rice, beans, cheese (obviously), bell peppers, and chicken in them. I used to overeat/binge/uncontrollably eat these, so now they are kind of scary and triggering, but I have been eating the leftovers in moderation.

That’s it for today! What foods have you guys had recently that you think I should try? Did you like the way I did this post? I can’t be the only one who finds WIAWs to be triggering!


20 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – Done MY Way

  1. I really like the way you did that post. I am with you on the triggering piece. When I see what other people eat in one day I start comparing, as well. I like how you showed us meals across a few days. Great post! 😊


    1. Thanks Bella (: I am glad that you liked it! Gosh I remember when I was actively anorexic and I would spend HOURS looking up WIAW posts just to compare myself to them. The point is to share what kinds of foods you enjoy, not to show how many calories you do/don’t eat!

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  2. Though I don’t take part in WIAW anymore (or any link-up, really), in my earlier blogging days I would often use the WIAW strategy that you did in order to prevent those type of comparisons, because yes, it can certainly be triggering in some cases! So I think this type of WIAW post can be a good one to use. Of course, it can be easy to compare your meals to those of your friends and family members also, as well as bloggers–this was something I did quite frequently when I had orthorexia, feeling “guilty” if I ate more than my mom or sister on any given day. Obviously not a healthy habit.


  3. I love the way you did this and I might do it the same way myself for my next WIAW! Some yummy food I’ve had lately is PB&banana toast, sea salt and almond dark chocolate, chipotle, and yogurt with granola!


    1. Thanks for reading Alyssa (:
      PB& banana toast is so good! I also like to put it into wrap form. Such a delicious snack! Chipotle is delicious as well. I haven’t been in a few weeks but I must change that! Hope you are having a great day ❤

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  4. I love this post! I love WIAW posts, but you have done a great job on this one! Great work on eating the Ben and Jerry’s too, you should be so proud of yourself! Take care x


  5. I love the way you’ve done this post! It can be very triggering looking at other people’s daily for intake and it’s something I struggle with too, so well done you for breaking the mould! I look forward to delving into you blog a little deeper. Hope you have a lovely day xo


  6. Yum the grilled veggies look delicious. I found you from YouTube, and I’m glad you have a wordpress blog too so it’s easy to subscribe! 🙂 Everything in moderation is definitely key, but those quesadillas do look delicious eeee.


    1. I am so glad that you have a wordpress!!! I love to read blogs but I have a hard time keeping track of them all, so I normally only remember to read the wordpress ones. I will definitely follow you! I have been really into mexican food recently!!


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