WIAW- Family Favorites


I got some amazing feedback from my WIAW post last week, so I am doing the same format again this week! Remember, I am just posting some random meals/snacks from the past week. This is not a full day of eating!


Shrimp Stirfry:

There was something that was just so satisfying about this! This was from a local restaurant, and I am so glad that I tried it. Stirfry foods are some of my favorite!


Yogurt Parfaits:

I think that yogurt parfaits are amazing,   especially in the summer when it is hot outside! This one had strawberries, yogurt, and this delicious Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Almond Granola!  My mom has this granola every morning, and our family flies through boxes of it.

20150706_161229Buttered Cinnamon Raisin Toast:

Recovery perk: allowing yourself to eat bread with real butter!

I have a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread in the freezer, and so I have been enjoying having some of it. I stopped eating Ezekiel products for a while because I used them as a crutch instead of having “real bread” in the depths of my ED. But now, I allow myself to have some pieces here and there when I am craving it. I l20150604_130127ove the texture and flavor of this bread, but I still have “regular” non-sprouted bread most of the time.

Pasta with Mahi-Mahi, Tomatoes and Basil:

I mentioned this recipe in my last post. This is an old family favorite. You can get the recipe here if you are interested. We have a vegetable and herb garden, so we are able to enjoy having this with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. Recently, I have been really enjoying having fish!
Screen shot 2015-07-08 at 8.50.32 AM

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies:

My mom made a batch of these for the fourth of July party that we went to, and they were just as good as always! These are another family favorite. We just use the Betty Crocker mix 😀

The best thing is that they taste just as good after a few days as they do out of the oven! Not going to lie!

Well, I think that should be it for this week! Let me know: what have you been enjoying recently? Do you have any old family favorites?


9 thoughts on “WIAW- Family Favorites

  1. Totally inspired by your yogurt parfaits… perfect and easy to bring with to work!! Best family favorite recipes are for my grandmother’s pasties… I don’t make them much any more since it’s usually made with meat, but I think this fall I’m going to get creative and see what vegetarian variation I can get going on 🙂

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    1. They are surprisingly easy to pack up and take for later! As a kid, I never liked yogurt but I was reallyyyy missing out.
      I’m sure you can come up with some vegetarian variations! It’s always fun to take an old recipe and try to spin it around a bit (:

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  2. I was the same with yogurt when I was a kid-couldn’t stand it unless it was a particular flavour but now it’s become one of my only safe foods. Although I’m stuck in the mindset of the diet yogurt because it feels so much safer than regular-even though I know I shouldn’t rely on it. You’re an inspiration and hopefully I’ll be able to eat the regular yogurt soon (ish). xoxo


    1. Awh Kyra girl you are doing great I am sure<3 I am cheering for you! One day you will be able to eat whatever yogurt you want without thinking about the calories/nutritional value.


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