Link Love 7/14

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I am here to share some of my favorite links from the past few weeks<3 Please let me know if there are any topics that you would like me to talk about in the future!

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It’s Not Inevitable, But It’s Not Unusual – This blog post by Anna touched on something that I haven’t really thought of before, but that really hit home for me. I love this quote that she had in her post: “Relapsing isn’t inevitable.  It’s not part of recovery.  You aren’t doomed to relapse.  But it’s important to remember that it’s not uncommon. You aren’t the only one.” A lot of people say “relapse is a part of recovery”, I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. There is hope for us. But we can’t beat ourselves up<3

More Carbs & Less Protein – I loved this video/blog post by Annalise! I hear so many people talk about problems with bloating/digestion and there is a huge fear of carbs in general around those who have a history of eating disorders. Obviously, bloating and digestive issues are common no matter what you eat in recovery, but I have noticed them improving as I try not to worry about “eating too many carbs”.

How to Break Through the Wall of Your Comfort Zone – This is an amazing self-help blog that is all about living intuitively. This article has been extremely helpful for me recently. A big part of recovery is stepping out of your comfort zone: not isolating, trying fear foods, challenging body image issues, etc. These tips are all very helpful!

Getting Real About Weight – This might not be recovery-specific, but this article talks about why our view on obesity is skewed. I agree completely with the message behind this article and I am sick of hearing about why we all need to loose weight.


Sarah’s channel is insanely helpful!!!! I am so glad that I stumbled across it. While it is a fitness/health channel, her viewpoints are not restrictive or harmful for your body. I would recommend her channel to those who have been in recovery for a while, are weight restored and those who are trying to return to athletics. I do not agree with IIFYM, ESPECIALLY for those in eating disorder recovery.

This is another one of Sarah’s videos. I am so glad she posted this! I see so many What I Ate Today posts and vlogs and what some of these girls are eating is completely unacceptable. When I see girls eating low calorie, restrictive meals and they share it online, it makes me very frustrated because they have an impact on their readers. It is so refreshing to see a very physically and mentally strong person who eats a similar caloric amount as me. And she also doesn’t track her macros/calories regularly, which I really support.

I love Ella’s videos! She and I have been talking recently and I seriously adore this makeup look that she posted. I haven’t been wearing much makeup recently, but I would love this look for a nice night out!

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What State Do You Actually Belong In? – I love Buzzfeed quizzes! This was one of the best ones I’ve ever taken. I got New Jersey! I would love to hear which state you belong to!

Do Something.org – I am really into volunteering and this website is amazing for finding places that want your help! I really really recommend volunteering for anyone, especially those in recovery, because it can be a great hobby and is extremely fulfilling. It makes me feel wanted (:

What have been your favorite sites recently?

Any new blogs for me to check out?

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