WIAW- Emily Cooks!

12Hello loves<3 I am doing my usual WIAW featuring some recent eats over the past week. Also, I wanted to thank everyone for the endless support on Instagram recently. My mentality has not been the best recently and I am so grateful for your support (:


These Sea Cuisine Tortilla Crusted Tilapia filets are so delicious<3 My family loves these and we buy them from Kroger. They are so yummy and perfect if you like to eat fish, but are afraid to make it from scratch! We’ve had almost all of the flavors, but this is my favorite. The coconut crusted20150712_193037 tilapia is great as well!

After dinner one evening, I was craving ice cream! So my parents and I went to Dairy Queen. I got my favorite-the Reese’s blizzard (fearfooodddd)! I also want to try the new Jurassic World themed one. Dairy Queen ice cream is delicious and I need to go more often!!!

20150714_170235 My mom makes an amazing black bean salsa! I used her recipe and made a batch this week and enjoyed it a lot (: I like to eat it by itself!


It’s been just my dad and I for a lot of the week, so I’ve been in charge of cooking dinner. So naturally, I made the executive decision that we should have breakfast for dinner. I bought the Birch Benders Pancake Mix for the first time and they ended out really delicious! I also made us some scrambled eggs because my mom and sister do not like them, so we rarely have eggs!

20150714_183259 <- Action shot! I think I did pretty well!!!!

What have you been enjoying recently?

What is your favorite blizzard flavor?


8 thoughts on “WIAW- Emily Cooks!

  1. I Love the sea salt caramel truffle blizzard, and they have a summer S’mores flavor every year. Hasn’t shown up yet but when it does I will be enjoying many. Your pancakes are impressive!


    1. Thanks so much! I think it was the mix that helped them stay together. IDK maybe I should think about getting a career at iHOP or something haha (: I haven’t seen the smore’s one yet! I would definitely be willing to try it!


  2. Your pancakes look so delicious haha, I can never get mine to look even half decent! Recently I have never been to dairy cream blizzard as I’m from the UK:( but my sister is in America now and has gone on about the brownie one, I’m so jealous:’)


    1. I know, I was surprised how well they stayed together! IDK if it was the mix I used or what! That’s too bad, I’m sure that you guys have some great things in the UK that we don’t have here though! My friend Carys is from the UK and always brings me those hula hoop chip things, they are so delicious!


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