Love/Hate Tag

Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 10I got tagged by the lovely Aiofs to do the Love & Hate tag. If you haven’t read any of Aiofs posts yet, I highly recommend them! She is a total sweetheart and writes beautifully ❤

Loves :

1. Waking up after a nice, long sleep and seeing the sun stream through the blinds. I am a morning person!

2. Sitting and cuddling or hugging. With anyone. I swear, if you wanna cuddle, my arms are open to anyone.

3. Listening to indie music while driving. I am a huge fan of the Spotify Indie Chill Covers playlist!

4. Getting a surprise text/email/letter from an old friend.

5. Going to Disney World! It really is the most magical place on Earth.

6. Sitting down and having a cry session after a rough time. It gets everything out ❤

7. Taking a warm bath or cold shower after a long and tiring day.

8. Treating myself to a nice massage.

9. Shopping for either myself or as a gift for someone else.

10. Barefoot summer nights. FYI, barefoot biking is the best and most fulfilling activity.


1. Having what I call “thigh-rip” when you stand up after sitting on leather or pleather seats in the heat. Ouch!

2. Being in a group of competitive people and feeling judged.

3. When you paint your nails and are very careful but end out ruining them anyway.

4. Having to buy new shoes. I cannot stand shoe shopping, clothes is another story though.

5. When your in class and trying to pay attention but you are falling asleep and your head won’t stop bobbing.

6. Getting treated differently or “watched” by friends and family at meals and during activities just because I have an eating disorder.

7. When people jokingly talk about being “addicted”, “anorexic”, “bipolar”, etc.

8. Having to do partner quizzes/tests in school.

9. Reading magazines and seeing articles that support people who follow low-calorie or restrictive diets.

10. When you have a hair in your mouth and awkwardly can’t get it out.

Can you relate to any of these? I tag anyone reading to do this as well (:


2 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag

  1. oh no!! awkward hair in the mouth!! lol, I relate to that, it that hasn’t happened me in a long time but I tooootally remember how annoying and awkward it was, I seem to remember going through a phase where it happened to me a lot 🙂


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