Five Things Friday

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FYI, I got my wisdom teeth out less than two hours ago. I feel totally normal, but IDK if that is accurate so please forgive any weird writing! This is my first time doing a linkup, so I want to thank Clare and Heather for hosting and supporting everyone’s blogs<3

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Olive Tapenade:

I babysat all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and this family had so many yummy food choices! I tried their olive tapenade with some carrots and it was so delicious! I’ve been trying to get more fats into my diet, so this was a great snack option.
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Strawberry Cereal:

This cereal (Love Grown Foods’ Strawberry Power O’s) was also eaten while babysitting. I hadn’t had any cereals like this before and enjoyed it a lot!

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 12.09.38 PMChicken Dumplings: 

Yet another babysitting food! (Hey, a girl’s gotta eat!) These were SO good! I have only had dumplings on a couple of occasions (my mom doesn’t cook them or buy them), but I LOVE them! This was the Green Chopsticks’ brand, which I would highly recommend.

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 3.56.24 PM

Kashi 7 Grain Puffs:

I have been on a cereal kick recently. Kashi has some great cereal options. This one is great because it’s adds a little crunch but still soaks up some of the milk.

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 1.11.22 PMFull Fat Cream Cheese:

We don’t buy cream cheese too much, so I really enjoyed having some while babysitting! Toasted bread with cream cheese hit he spot and I think I’ll have to pick up a tub next time I go grocery shopping.

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 1.15.39 PM

1. Oblivion by Bastille (For some reason, I always listen to Bastille while driving.)

2. Headlights by Robin Schulz (This song is extremely relaxing and exactly my type of music.)

3. Honey I’m Good by Andy Grammer (This is so catchy!)

4. What Would You Do by Bastille (I had to include another Bastille song! It’s pretty deep if you listen to the lyrics.)

5. Yeah! by Usher (This probably seems really random compared to my other indie/electronic music that I like. But this song really pumps me up!)

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 1.18.29 PM

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 1.27.52 PM


I went tubing for the first time with my friend Grace! I live in the mountains, so the rivers here run very fast. Within the first 15 seconds, my head was underwater and I lost my tube, sunglasses AND flipflops. Not going to lie, I’m kind of surprised that we all made it out alive. I don’t think I’ll be doing this anytime again soon, but I am very glad to have checked this activity off of my bucket list. YOLO!

Bonfire Night!

I went over to my friend Alex’s house on Sunday and we had a small bonfire with a few of my friends. He got a bearded dragon which I got to hold and it was definitely the highlight of the night! While I had a bunch of social anxiety regarding staying up late/food/body image, I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and went. Nights like these make me so grateful for my new school and all of the friends that I’ve made this past year.

College Counseling!

I am a senior in HS this year, so college is just around the corner. As of now, I really feel like I want to go into nursing. Our school has a new college counselor and I met her on Wednesday. She is a total sweetheart and she helped give me a list of nursing schools that she felt would be a great match for me. It feels so nice to have some sort of idea regarding the direction I want to go in when it comes to college.
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My First Surgery! 

I got my wisdom teeth pulled out today, so that was kind of a big deal. My jaw has been giving me problems and my dentist is optimistic that this will help. As of now, my mouth is very sore but I feel better and more awake than I thought I might which is a plus! Lots of movies, writing, YouTube videos are in store fore me these next few days.


As I mentioned earlier, I spend a lot of time this week babysitting for my neighbor. The little girl is so sweet and it was very fun to spend time with her watching Frozen, playing in her inflatable pool, and a TON of games of Hungry, Hungry, Hippos. She also took long naps in the afternoon (although it took FOREVER to get her to finally go to sleep!), so I was able to get in some reading and ACT practice tests.

What songs have you been loving? Do you enjoy spending time with kids?


15 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I LOVE spending time with kids. They are so adorably and say the funniest things! I also like Bastille. What would you do and Laughter Lines are two of my favorites by them. Good luck with the wisdom teeth! My sister just got hers out too. We have been watching lots of movies together 🙂


    1. They have so many songs, don’t they?!? Yes, I have been watching youtube videos all day and just relaxing. I hope your sister’s recovery goes well! My sister doesn’t wanna hangout with me Dx wahhhhhh

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They do have a lot of songs! And my sister doesn’t want to hangout with me anymore either her friends are over haha. Feel better soon! xx


    1. Thank you Julia! I feel better than I was expecting to feel! But I’m probably still numbed by all of the pain killers! Yes, I’ve had a lot of ice cream and milk products today! Thanks for the comment (:


  2. I am yet to find out if I even have wisdom teeth..i’m 21 and all the x-rays to date show no signs of them (awkward)..hope you feel better soon and its not too painful! Also the tubing sounds absolutely terrifying. I would probably have to be rescued if I went. I like swimming in the sea and love surfing though! I am the oldest of 5 siblings, so i’m really good with kids..but I don’t really like kids (other than my brothers, haha). I feel really awkward around them!


    1. I hope you don’t have to get yours pulled! Unfortunately mine were causing me jaw problems and I’m crossing my fingers that this surgery worked! Wow, that’s a lot of siblings! I have 1 younger sister and my mom can hardly handle the two of us!


  3. I hope your jaw gets better after having your wisdom teeth pulled out!

    I love the Andy Grammer song. I heard it for the first time ever on the radio the other day and fell in love with it, you’re right, it is SO catchy!

    Take care xo


  4. I have yet to get my wisdom teeth removed even though I am 17… they still haven’t exactly ‘come out’ yet. However I am extremely anxious for when they do because I am a huge doctor/needle/anythingmedicalrelated scaredy cat ;). Hope you can enjoy lots of ice-cream in the meanwhile ;)!


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