WIAW – Vegetarian???


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Hello lovelies<3 I hope you are all doing well! It’s currently Tuesday afternoon and I am just enjoyed a nice long shower. We came home from our road trip Monday night to finding that half of our appliances weren’t working! Our hot water heater was one of them, so I didn’t get the chance to shower until now. I posted a lot of my “fun” meals on Instagram this week, so I don’t have a ton of super-cool stuff to show you all. I do have a bit though!

First order of business, let’s discuss this beautiful quesadilla that I made today. Tip: put salsa in with the cheese before you melt your quesadilla and it gives it a delicious, gooey, spicy flavor!

Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 3.03.03 PM
Ready to eat!

I had this alongside some zucchini from my garden! We grow some vegetables and herbs, which I personally believe taste so much better than store-bought produce.

Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 2.58.22 PMWhile we were in Iowa visiting family, I had only one request: to go to the apple orchard! Their local apple orchard allows residents to come in and take any of the apples that have already fallen to the ground for free. Isn’t that so kind of them? Anyway, I cut up a couple of apples to snack on when we got home. They browned within seconds and were a little mushy, but tasted great nonetheless.
Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 2.58.06 PM

Now that my mouth is feeling back to normal, I have been enjoying a larger variety of foods! Meats were hard for me to eat post-surgery, so I really enjoyed this bag of turkey jerky.

*For those wondering, I eat a lot of vegetarian meals and snacks. But I do not label myself as a vegetarian. Since I am in recovery from an eating disorder, I am trying to rid myself from labeling my diet and restricting specific foods. I do sometimes prefer to eat vegetarian and I love tofu/tempeh/veggie burgers/etc, but I do not think that it is healthy for me mentally to stop eating meat at this point.

Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 2.59.33 PMI think this picture might be sideways… oh well.

This was eaten before our trip when my mouth was still sore! It was a delicious hodgepodge of everything that needed to be eaten before we left on our trip: an egg, egg whites, and part of an avocado. Topped with some salsa, of course!

Do you have anything you like to put in your quesadillas? Do you like vegetarian meats?


19 thoughts on “WIAW – Vegetarian???

  1. I’m glad you had fun visiting your family! I totally agree, there is something special about growing and picking your own produce. I grew cucumbers and tomatoes a few years ago and they were divine. Then I got my dog and he kept eating the plants so I had to stop, haha.


  2. I eat a lot of vegetarian meals too, because meat can be boring! If I wasn’t married I probably wouldn’t cook it as often as I do.
    Your quesadilla looks amazing- I love simply melting cheese on bread/tortilla makes an amazing food!!

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  3. I was a Pescatarian for 3 years and became an absolute fan of Morningstar’s vegetarian meats! I especially loved their Chik’n patties wrapped up in a tortilla with lettuce, some cheese and lots of hot sauce. OM NOM NOM! I think it’s good for people to test the waters with alternative styles of eating, it definitely gives a great perspective! And I don’t think there’s ever need at all to label it if you don’t want to. Labelling, in my opinion, is more so for outsiders understanding. Pffft. Forget that stuff! 🙂

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  4. Your meals look great, I’d love to try one of the apples from the orchard in Iowa! Like you say, nothing beats home grown produce! I’ve never tried a quesadilla. The whole idea of one still scares the heck out of me so I’m in awe of you! I think you’re an inspiration! I used to like vegetarian meats, like Quorn – we have it in the UK, not sure about with you? Take care! Xo

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    1. I wish I could share some with you! They were very good apples (: I love Quorn products! Keep pushing and fighting girl ❤ there are still foods that I have yet to conquer. Slow and steady! You'll get there eventually<3


  5. Wow this is all looks so yummy girl ❤ Like Anghard I have never actually tried quesadilla…I'm not sure I have even heard of it before! Is it an American food? In the past couple of months I have been really enjoying and craving whole wheat/ whole grain carbs!!!! I used to love chicken and salmon and tuna so so so much,but I don't have that much meat at the moment,I get loads of protein from my sweet chili hummus though hehe 🙂 xxx

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      1. Thank you hun! I did enjoy it,and chicken used to be my favorite! I think I probably just go through stages of loving certain things for a period of time and then when i try something new i get addicted to that until i find the next thing :p Hope you have had a good day ❤

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  6. Quesadillas are awesome- I love the classic cheese, but I also love putting chocolate cocoa butter in tortillas and eating them that way (minus the cheese of course :P).
    Orchards and places where you get to pick your own fruit are my fave- nothing feels more awesome than biting into a fresh apple YOU picked from a tree!

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  7. I rarely cook meat! I like chickpea burgers, black bean burgers…I prefer homemade, but that is alot of work! I like tofu, but I never seem to find a good recipe! In my quesadillas I use cheese, salsa and black beans! I also really enjoy banana, chocolate chip and pb quesadillas! 🙂 when I go visit my uncle, there is an apple store and it is heavenly!

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