Two Types of Salads

I see two kinds of salads in this world.

Salad Type 1: Stereotypically “healthy” salads loaded up on raw vegetables and lean proteins and topped with fresh herbs and calorie-free sauces
Salad Type 2: The more “traditional” salad comprised of a handful or two of vegetables, topped with a few mix-ins with a drizzle of dressing on top.

Even if salad 1 and salad 2 were the same number of calories, I bet you that 99% of people would say that salad 1 was more “healthy” than salad 2. Because for some reason society has this sick and hilarious idea that dietary fats = physical body fat. IT’s actually true that a lot of vitamins (including A, D, E, and K) are fat soluble, meaning they are only digested properly into the body with the presence of dietary fats.

So if I were to sit down and eat bowls of carrots for the rest of my life, my body wouldn’t even be able to properly absorb the nutrients that I am eating. So although I was eating a lot of vitamins, none of the vitamins would actually be helping my body function.

Back to the idea that “eating fats = physical body fat”. The name is confusing. But just because you have fat, does not mean you ARE fat. Just because you eat fat, that doesn’t mean you ARE fat. You ARE a human. Period. (well and more than just a human, but you get my point.)

Are you still afraid that eating fats will make you fat? Read this scientific study that shows that people who eat a low-fat diet actually have suppressed metabolisms and burn in general 350 less calories than those who eat a more balanced diet.

All macronutrients are important. One is not superior to the other. Balance is key. Do not be afraid.


15 thoughts on “Two Types of Salads

    1. Thanks so much Kell (: I’m glad that this post was able to help you! It’s always nice when there’s a post that I see that relates to something I’m currently working on and I’m glad I could help (:


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