Productivity : What I Need To Do

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I need to go to school. I need to study. I need to do my homework. I need to eat 100% of my meal plan. I need to take __ steps a day. I need to get a job. I need to be a good daughter.

No, I don’t actually need to do any of that. I need to eat, breathe, sleep, so on, but I do not need to do those activities. I am obligated to do them because of my societal roles. But sometimes, the most productive thing to do is to not do anything that society/my brain tells me I “need to do”.

Productivity is relative. Productivity changes. Anything & everything can be productive.

It’s good to stay on top of obligations to reduce stress, but you do not need to spend excess stress and time on them all the time. If you have a lot going on in life, let those around you know. Most people are surprisingly understanding and will help you take some of the load off of your plate. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make improvements, it just means that you should strive to be more intuitive about your activities.

It’s okay to take time to do “nothing”. Spending quiet time listening to your favorite podcast or taking a nap is just as productive some days as it is to do an hour of chemistry homework or to go for a 4 mile hike. Some times, we go through periods of time where our bodies need rest and self love for a long time. Other times, we are energized and ready to do the stereotypically “productive” activities. No matter where you are right now, try not to judge or compare what your body is craving at THIS moment.

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Sometimes we need to take our feet off the gas pedal and just be. 

How do you balance productivity and relaxation? What are your favorite ways to de-stress?



12 thoughts on “Productivity : What I Need To Do

  1. I try to make sure that I have at least one day during the week where I can rest and get to bed early and catch up on homework. To relieve my stress, I love to go to gymnastics practice. Although, it something causes my stress in the first place with finding enough time to finish my homework, etc, I find that it takes my mind off work for a few hours and helps me be more productive when I get home to finish my work. 🙂

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    1. Going to bed early is so nice, I’ve been in the habit of going to bed around 9 when I can and I feel so much better! That’s so awesome that you set aside entire days for relaxing and catching up on work, I definitely should make a habit of writing down and making more of an effort to set aside some time.


  2. This is tough. I never feel productive unless I’m doing something that is either: making me money, or has an outcome that I can see/feel.
    I like to de-stress by scrolling through IG or playing a game on my iPad. Its the little things…

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    1. I definitely struggle with that money/outcome problem. Except since I’m a student, it’s more of a “potential to earn money” rather than actually earning money. The little things do add up! Taking time to play a fun game on your phone can have a big impact!


  3. Love reading your reflection on this!
    I think I’ve learned overtime to redefine success and not even value it as much. I think a focus on being productive takes out the joy of living and it becomes all about me!


  4. Thanks for this great post Em! I have had so much on my plate lately and I just don’t even have time to socialize with people… It has been making me feel very isolated and self-absorbed but maybe I need to make that extra time for my well-being. I wish there were more hours in the day….

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