5 Things Friday

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Hello everyone! I hope your week has gone well. As you are reading this, I am enjoying a 5 day weekend. We have a fall break at my school for parent teacher conferences, and my mom and I are taking a college tour around the midwest. We are visiting 4 schools in 4 days in 4 states! I’ll be sure to update you all when I get back. As for now, here are some recent things…

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  1. Screen shot 2015-10-08 at 2.59.12 PMI posted this picture of my delicious egg/roasted tomato scramble the other morning. I’ve been loving eggs: scrambled, omelette-form, however!
  2. Cereal with chocolate milk-One of my requirements for colleges is that theyScreen shot 2015-10-08 at 3.03.53 PM MUST have a chocolate soymilk machine. I swear, I could live off of cereal made with chocolate milk!
  3. I’m still loving Earth Balance’s Coconut PB. I swear, it’s like pb on crack. Whoever tells you “the only ingredient in your peanut butter should be peanuts” is a liar. Coconut oil is so good for you! And delicious (: Plus, it makes the pb melt super nicely!
  4. I have been on a huge hummus kick recently. Roasted red pepper has been my favorite!
  5. As the weather is starting to cool down, having oats has been really nice! I like to make mine using chai instead of water.

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  1. I’m finally all caught up on Maddy Moon’s Mind Body Musings podcast! It’s been so fun to watch her and her podcast evolve over time and I can’t wait for more episodes.
  2. Since I finished up Mind Body Musings, I’ve been getting into the Recovery Warriors Series. I love Jessica, and her website has a lot of great recovery tools as well.
  3. Beat is an eating disorder organization in the UK. While a lot of the website focuses on England and Wales specific treatment, I’ve been loving reading their Eating Disorder Book Reviews. ED books can be helpful, but it’s hard to weed out the triggering ones, which this site does.
  4. I’ve been receiving so much love, support, and hope on Instagram recently and I am so thankful for that.
  5. I read Eilish’s recent post on Eating Disorders and Preoccupation with Food and the message totally hit home. I definitely can relate to many of the struggles that Eilish writes about in this post. I’d recommend her blog to all of you!

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  1. As I already stated, I’m going on a 5 day trip with my mom to look at 4 colleges. I don’t want to give names, but we are going up to the midwest. Hopefully my anxiety will allow me to somewhat enjoy the long car trips and bonding time with my mom.
  2. I have an assessment at a local eating disorder clinic on Tuesday (the day after we get back from college visits). They offer IOP and OP/support groups. I am extremely nervous and I can’t decide whether I am sick enough or too sick for the IOP treatment. I’m so afraid that on this college visit trip, I’ll become “too recovered for treatment”. Eating disorders are so irrational!!!
  3. The Speech and Debate has started up! The first month is novice (new participant) meets only, so I was able to be a judge at last saturday’s meet. I am excited to get back into the swing of things and have something to do outside of school.
  4. This weekend, I took some time to relax and practice self-care. I have a huge fear of spending money. I challenged myself and enjoyed a pedicure with my mom and sister. It felt so nice and I am so glad that I decided to allow myself to spend time with them.
  5. I’ve decided to join a new club at school! We have a Compassion Connection club that meets weekly. They promote random acts of kindness and supporting struggling students. I am so excited to be apart of such a great group!

What is your favorite fall food? Any great recovery/health tools?


13 thoughts on “5 Things Friday

  1. I tried the coconut PB and actually wasn’t a fan. I don’t think PB has to be just nuts though, the kind I buy has sugar in it 🙂 My favorite fall food is squash. It’s delicious in everything I put it in.

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    1. I guess we all have our own personal taste differences! I, for one, absolutely despise the taste of the pumpkin spice lattes! It’s so weird, there’s foods out there for everyone (:


  2. I love anything pumpkin! Especially pumpkin bagels and yogurt and cookies! Recovery has its ups and downs. I find that it’s easier to stay on the up trend when I surround myself with positive and inspiring people. Hope all is well! Have fun on your trip!

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    1. I so agree, surrounding myself with people who are optimistic and compassionate seems to really help motivate me and keep me going. I like pumpkin as well! I want to try a pumpkin bagel this year!


  3. I am actually eating coconut yogurt right now and thinking I am getting quite sick of coconut everything this year….seems the food trend has over-saturated the market. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your fears about “am I sick enough”are soooo common, and basically everyone who goes into an assessment for any level of treatment has this fear. I hope you will go into it knowing that you are getting the help you need; the assessment is just a tool to help figure out where to start.

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    1. That’s a very nice way to put it, thank you for stating it that way. The assessment is just to see what I need right now, not to assess my worthy or worthiness of recovery.
      Ah, yes coconut has become quite the trend! I’m getting a bit sick of the pumpkin stuff myself. Hope you are well♡


  4. While I don’t think you should NOT go to treatment if you need it, if it turns out that the docs or whoever decide IP isn’t for you, just remember how much of LIFE you won’t missing out on!
    Once I began to really recover, I knew I couldn’t go back to IP because it would just take me away from the life I already missed out on too much! You’ve got so much to look forward to!


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