What I Eat In a Day

I hope that you enjoy this video<3 I am so sick of seeing comparisons online. I really hope that health blog/vlog audience members take a moment and question their intentions behind these pieces.


3 thoughts on “What I Eat In a Day

  1. What a great, honest rant! I completely agree that the “what I ate Weds” and videos have mostly taken on some weird cultish comparison of faux-health. I’ve noticed that when girls post their honest intake (ie: restricted and somewhat disordered) and someone calls them out, they get defensive. Then there are those that post beautifully balanced meals filled with avocados and steamed fish and steamed broccoli and coconut oil that the majority of us normal people with busy lives could never make every night. For the most part, I don’t think sharing food logs is all that helpful. A big part of recovery, even if you’re no longer restricting, is no longer feeling anxious about or obsessed with food, and watching/reading detailed accounts of someone’s diet is just going to keep feeding that obsession.

    Keep at it, girl! Love your attitude and drive to recover!

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