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Enjoy Nice Weather WITHOUT Exercise

A humungous struggle for me as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer is struggling with exercise. I just want to be outside and the only way I knew to do that is to be active. I’ve been brainstorming some ways for me to enjoy the spring/summer weather without giving into ED.


Sit at a coffee shop! Going to coffee shops and sitting out on the patio is one of my favorite activities because I have people around me so even if I get the urge to begin pacing aimlessly, I am much much less likely to actually do it.


Take your religious/spiritual activities outsideScreen shot 2016-04-28 at 1.29.42 PM. I have turned to meditation and enjoy going outside for  half an hour or so and meditating. I know that my church also has services outside when it is warm on Saturday nights, so search around for a way to make it work for you!

Sidewalk chalk. This might involve some standing/walking/movement, but you know what’s best for you. My sister also enjoys doing “real” art outside. Buttt if you’re like me and that kind of art isn’t your thing, sidewalk chalk can be a great alternative.

Screen shot 2016-04-28 at 1.33.01 PMPicnics/eating outside are super enjoyable for me. Or, as enjoyable as eating can be when you are suffering with an eating disorder!

Make s’mores! If you are up for a good #fearfoodfriday activity, s’mores and telling stories outside with friends/family can be a super enjoyable activity, especially on the evening. If you aren’t up for s’mores, you can always enjoy a nice bonfire outside with people you love (: Because s’mores are yummy, but I believe that the best part is sharing time with people I love.

Screen shot 2016-04-28 at 1.32.23 PMGo to local concerts! My town has weekly concerts in one of the parks in the summer where the community can get together and listen to (free!) music while spread out on blankets and eating from local food trucks. I know that a lot of communities do this as well. This can be a great way to get out of the house and interact with people! More main-stream concerts are fun too, but they would probably include a lot more standing/dancing/things ED likes.

I’ve gotta state the obvious: you can do most things that you do inside, outside. This includes: reading, drawing, writing, listening to music, playing music, sodoku, etc.

While I am not nearly doing enough exercise to consider it overexercise, my team and I have decided that it is healthy for me to resist any exercise right now. My weight is fine, my labs/vitals too, but in order to mentally recover I need to realize that I am still going to be beautiful even if I don’t exercise. While my friends may be able to play tennis for 8 hours a week, that is not what makes them a beautiful person.


I haven’t been posting very much recently and honestly, school/iop/the boyfriend have been occupying so much of time time recently. I really want to continue to blog and am definitely committed to writing more as summer comes along!

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Nice Weather WITHOUT Exercise

  1. great post Em, I really relate to your struggle with wanting to be outside and needing to put recovery first and staying mindful of the exercise compulsion which would jeopardise recovery. This is very timely for me as I literally just returned from walking to a coffee shop where I drew a card to send to some friends of mine. I needed to get outside for some sunshine and going to a cafe was a good way for me to have a goal that would necessitate me stopping my walk at a pre-determined point and not just getting triggered into over-exercising. Its difficult but I send you so much support for choosing to put your recovery first. best wishes, Em

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    1. Thank you so much for writing Em! I definitely think that a lot of us who EDs share this struggle or a similar one. I really am glad that you were able to stick to your game plan of just walking to the coffee shop! Walking and movement is something that isn’t ‘bad’ but I know that I need to watch myself from overdoing it!

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