Recent Eats

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far! I have tried some new foods recently and thought I would share them with you.

20160506_074906O Organics Greek Vanilla Yogurt

I decided to go to Safeway this week, which is not normally a store that I tend to shop at. But it was super convenient and it was raining so I felt like minimizing my time out in the big world! I try to buy low-fat or full-fat (this is non-fat). I didn’t see that it was non-fat when I bought it and do not plan on buying non-fat frequently, but I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed the flavor and texture of this yogurt!



PB Crave Cookie Nookie

This peanut butter tastes so good that I want to cry every time I eat it. Not going to lie. I’ve only had it a few times (so far on toast and on a banana). I preferred it on the banana because I thought that the cookie dough flavors came out stronger than on the bread. SO GOOD. I cannot wait for this jar to be almost empty to make some overnight oats. 20160506_074937


My IOP has a 30 minute snack break where they set out snacks for us to choose from. And being the little rebel I am, I tend to take one or two things home with me for later (don’t worry I am not alone in this and they know we do it). I don’t know why I decided to try these, because I hate mangos. But I am in love with these dried mango packs! They are super convenient and I love the texture.20160506_074959

Trader Joe’s Wasabi Almonds

My boyfriend broke up with me last week and the only positive thing I can think about him right now is the fact that he introduced me to wasabi almonds. I bought some from Trader Joe’s and have been enjoying them so much! They are super delicious as a snack paired with some fruit (dried mangos?) or aside a meal.

20160506_075030The Republic of Tea Good Hope Vanilla

“The Easter Bunny” put this in my Easter basket, and I have been enjoying this literally every single day before school. This tastes amazing with a little bit of sugar (or whatever sweetener you prefer). I like it hot, although I might be trying to cold again as the weather gets warmer.


That’s it for today! Enjoy your weekend ❤

What are some of your recent eats?


6 thoughts on “Recent Eats

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Goldfish! Except for the rainbow ones, for some reason those don’t taste nearly as good!
      It is so weird, as a kid I hated chicken nuggets and now I really enjoy them! Especially with barbecue sauce


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